DAINA Job Management System
Select the version that's right for your business.
A hosted DAINA Server providing all of the fundamental features to manage your jobs and workforce.
Utilise the full set of DAINA Features, including faster access speeds and unlimited on site storage for documents and photos. The DAINA On-Site license is for companies who want to maximise their efficiency.
Cloud License
On-site License
Multi-View Dashboard
Shared Diary
  • Multi-Staff View
  • Week-View
Call Log
Quote Builder
Estimate/Survey Booking
Job Booking
Job Costings
Job Sheets
Recurring Jobs
Time Sheets
Product Lists
Vehicle Fleet Management
  • Track Tax, MOT and Service Dates
  • Assign vehicles to staff
  • Vehicle inspection sheets
Knowledge Base
Document Storage
Photo Storage
Multiple Users
Remote Access
Mobile Device Access
Reporting and Statistics
Holiday & Sickdays
Custom Fields
One button job booking
Automated job/time sheets
Sync Diary to Mobile Device Calendar
Sync diary to Outlook
SMS Notifications
SMS Reminders
Email Notifications
Google Maps Integration
Built-in CalDAV Server
Device Calendar Syncing
Outlook Calendar Syncing
Daily Online Data Backup
Automated Data Backup
Document Storage Offsite Backup
Photo Storage Offsite Backup
DAINA Job Booking System
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